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The Homestead

And then there was Lasty

Shelley Lowe animals farm homestead sheep

 So last year we bought five male lambs to be lawnmowers over the summer.   They did a great job!  And at the end of the summer, our freezer was stocked with lamb.     After the long, arduous, smelly, task of butchering three of the lambs, we decided to keep one of the sheep over winter to be our stud for next year. So we chose Grumpy, the biggest and also the orneriest one.  Then, when it was time to butcher the last sheep, (dubbed Lasty, for that reason), we decided, for several reasons (one of which was that we were tired...

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So....It's been a while...

Shelley Lowe animals farm homestead kids rabbits

Good heavens I am so behind on my blogging.  This may be a long post!  So much has happened this year and it is only (or should I say already) half over!  Where do I even start??   Well, I guess I should start with the most significant thing that's happened... In April, we welcomed our baby girl into this world! And she has been a joy ever since.  Photos by Ely Fair Photography  So much so that I quit my day job to be with her.  Who wouldn't want to spend all day with that smile! And being at...

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Here, Kitty Kitty!

Shelley Lowe animals farm homestead

 So we've acquired yet another critter to the farm.  We now have a "barn" cat.  Well, except...we don't actually have a barn yet so I guess she's just a yard cat for now. Say hello to Juice... Before you ask, we didn't name her.  Come to think of it, we didn't name our inside cat, Sushi, either. Both cats have come to us though our respective siblings.  Sushi came to us 4 years ago from Paul's brother.  Juice has come to us from my sister, who recently moved several states away and didn't think the cat would take that move well, so...

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It's a... nerd

Shelley Lowe homestead kids

 Presenting what has been called  "The Nerdiest Gender Reveal Ever" (Yes, let us bask in all the nerdiess!) So, my contribution to this recipe is pretty obvious,  but Paul has a couple of options.  Although, he didn't even know which one he had added. Ya catching on yet?  Think back to those high school science classes.... Oh!  We brought the same thing! In case you never got around to finishing that genetics homework, it means we are having a GIRL!!!

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Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner!

Shelley Lowe animals chickens farm homestead rabbits

A chicken update... So in case you missed it in my last post, we have some new chickens on the homestead.  Unlike last time, though, these are all supposed to be HENS.  We've wanted hens from the start, but since we've been kinda full up on poultry, we figured we'd just wait till the roosters were gone then get some hens.  Through August and September, my husband worked on building a new, sturdier chicken coop with nest boxes for our eventual hens.  By the end of September, the new coop was almost finished but the 8 roosters were still alive...

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