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The Rabbits

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We had been contemplating getting some small livestock to start out with.  I mean, we got all this space, we might as well use it, right?  Then, out of the blue,  one of our neighbors stuck out a sign at the end of his driveway advertising rabbits for sale!   Well, they’re pretty small and don’t need much, we figured we could handle a few of those.  Not having met any of our neighbors yet, my husband stopped by to introduce himself and inquire about the rabbits.  

Before that weekend was over, my husband and father in law had repurposed the dog house left on our property by the previous owner into a pretty decent rabbit hutch!

These guys are so handy to have around!

We then were the proud owners of four young New Zealand white rabbits. I’m not gonna lie, they’re pretty cute as livestock goes.  Although their albino red eyes do kinda creep me out a little (I hope none of these came from Caerbannog!).

When I told people we bought rabbits they always seem to ask if we’ve named them.  My husband has said that I can’t name them because they are not pets, they are livestock.  I tend to agree on this.   It is probably best I not get too attached to them as they will eventually reside in our freezer.   Honestly, I don’t know that I could tell them apart enough to name them anyway!  There are three does (females) and one buck (male, lucky guy right!) and we are reasonably sure we know which one is the buck without getting all up in their business, but that’s it.  The other 3 look pretty much identical.  The buck (at least the one we think is the buck) will hang around the open cage door long enough for me to pet him, as long as I have some tasty bit of grass for him to munch on.  And I’ve been able to pick him up a couple of times, if I can get a hold of him before he knows what I’m doing.  But I don’t think he cares for that much.  I guess our cat will have to satisfy my need to cuddle cute furry animals.  She actually complains when she is not cuddled enough! :-D

I know what you are thinking, that putting them all together like that we’ll be up to our eyeballs in bunnies before we can even blink!  Not to worry, they are too young to be gettin’ busy like that!  But round about August I think we will have to get Mr. Buck his own bachelor pad ;-)

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