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Attack of the Cherry Tomatoes!

Shelley Lowe garden

Thankfully, they haven’t eaten us...yet.  But they do seem to be trying their best to take over the rest of the garden!  We are veritably over-run with tomatoes! 

We got a few handful of wonderfully delicious strawberries earlier in the season, but they’ve pretty much quit fruiting.  

mmmmm......ooop...Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. 

And our poor bean first they seem to be doing well, in fact, they were trying to climb all over the tomato plants!  

We got several decent harvests, but then the grasshoppers seem to take a particular liking to them and they’ve just never recovered :-(  

Tomatoes seem to be the bumper crop this really is too bad we don’t actually a lot of tomatoes!  We eat tomato sauce though!  We planted 4 big boy tomatoes plants basically to use the tomatoes in sauces and give canning a try ( between you and me, I also think we got tomatoes because they generally grow well here in Oklahoma and my husband wanted a sure success this first year so I wouldn’t get discouraged and lose interest in gardening!).  Tomatoes are so nutritious, I do wish we liked them more.  I did try out picking them green (hence the picture above) and frying them, which I discovered is actually pretty good (what food isn’t made tastier by frying it?), but that probably negates most of that nutritiousness I was talking about.

I did get my first taste of canning though.  With the first sizable harvest, I enlisted the help of my gracious mother-in-law and I spend an entire Sunday afternoon in her kitchen learning the essentials of canning!  I am not gonna lie, it is kinda an involved process that kinda intimidates me.  And I was a bit disappointed to learn just how many fresh tomatoes it takes to make a sizable about of tomato other words, I got one jar of tomato sauce out of that whole afternoon.  Having learned this lesson, I am now freezing the tomatoes and will have another go at canning them at the end of the summer.

The two cherry tomato plants, however, I am struggling to remember why we have those!  I think they might have been free plants, easy to grow plants (see, sure success!).  And grow they have!  Those things are probably at least 4 feet tall and I am currently harvesting about two pounds of fruit off of them every few days! That is more cherry tomatoes than I think I would ever know what to do with, even if I did like eating them! But our family, friends, and co-workers seem all too happy to take care of the surplus for us.  ;-)


Psalm 67:6

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  • Erin on

    I want some tomatoes!! Can you send some home with us when we come?? We’ll take loads. we eat them like candy.

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