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Well, maybe not millions...yet, but free.

Shelley Lowe garden

 Well, maybe not totally free.

Soon after we moved in to our house, we planted a small fruit orchard.  Our land needs more trees and they might as well produce something!  We have two peach trees, two apple trees, an apricot tree, and a plumb tree.  Since they are young trees, we didn't expect to get any fruit from them this year.  But a few weeks ago, one of our peach trees gave us four of the most beautiful peaches I have ever seen!  

They tasted like waking from a well-deserved nap in the sunshine on a warm spring day. mouth waters just thinking about it!

I better not think about that too long or my keyboard is going to get waterlogged.

I can hardly wait till next year!  That's assuming we can keep them alive through this drought!  Watering the trees has recently jumped several spots up on the priority list.  I want fruit trees as prolific as those dang cherry tomato plants!

Praying for Rain,


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