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Rabbit update

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 About a month ago we discovered that there is even more testosterone on our little farm than we thought there was. While cleaning under the rabbit hutch, my husband looked up and noticed not one pair of uniquely male anatomical spheres, but two. It was thus apparent that we did not, as we had thought, have three does and one buck, but actually 2 of each.  Hmmm....I guess there really are few guarantees in this world. Eh, c’est la vie.

In sadder news, despite our best efforts to keep the rabbits cool in this dreadful heat, one of our rabbits died this week.  When it started getting really hot in July, it became immediately apparent that the rabbits did not do well at all in the heat. I mean, the guy we bought them from said they don’t like summer, but I don’t think we were quite prepared for just how heat-intolerant they are. We determined they definitely needed more shade, so lacking any big shady trees near the house, we moved the hutch to the east side of our tool shed, hoping that would give them at least some measure of relief.  We also modified the hutch for more ventilation and set an old pedestal fan blowing on them.  That, along with frozen water bottles to rest against, seemed to be just enough to keep them alive...until this week.  We built a simple pergola shade to put over the hutch and my husband has been ingeniously working on making an evaporative cooler system for them, but so far it hasn’t been able to keep the water cool enough.  But I’m just not sure anything short of an a/c unit would have kept her alive in the 112 degree heat we've had for the past 3 days in a row.  Last week we did try taking them in the house, which worked for them, but most definitely not for us!  PEEE EEEWW!  Our house is not big enough to get away from their stench, so back outside they went!  For now, I guess we’ll increase the ice around them and try getting a bigger pump for the cooler. And pray for rain...and sub-100 degree temperatures.

Fall can’t come quick enough, if you ask me!

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