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It's a... nerd

Shelley Lowe homestead kids

 Presenting what has been called 

"The Nerdiest Gender Reveal Ever"

(Yes, let us bask in all the nerdiess!)

So, my contribution to this recipe is pretty obvious, 

but Paul has a couple of options.  Although, he didn't even know which one he had added.

Ya catching on yet? 

Think back to those high school science classes....

Oh!  We brought the same thing!

In case you never got around to finishing that genetics homework, it means we are having a


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  • Scharlee on

    I can’t wait to meet her!!!

  • Erin on

    YAY! Love the text you ended up using. I giggled at the end. Thanks for the preview of the pics. Love you two (and a half!)!

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