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About Us

I grew up on both sides of the Red River and my husband and I currently live in Oklahoma City. I became interested in photography in college. I needed a creative outlet and being a visually-oriented person with not much talent for drawing or painting, I gravitated toward photography. One of the aspects of photography that I greatly appreciate is its capacity to capture a moment in time forever. I enjoy photographs that inspire the viewer to want to be a part of that moment and I aspire to create those photographs.

Living in the heart of Oklahoma City for five years afforded me the opportunity to be increasingly exposed to the local art community, from which I draw many artistic influences. I particularly admire the work of Samantha Lamb and Elise Fair. My husband is also a constant inspiration to me. Though he does not appear personally in very many of my art photographs, he is always there encouraging me to expand my artistic skills. We now live on a small acreage on the outskirts of OKC.  But I can still be found regularly attending the monthly Paseo Art Walk and LIVE on the Plaza art events in Oklahoma City. You may also find me at area art and craft shows.  Some of my work is currently on display at The Bonedust Cowgirl in the Paseo District.

Shelley E. Lowe

“This moment contains all moments.” –C. S. Lewis, The Great Divorce